Summit Agenda


View this year’s International Anti-Corruption Summit agenda below. For speaking enquiries, please contact the programme editor ………… 

  • Opening Address by the Summit Chair Stephen Tosh, Director Anti-Corruption Education Network
  • Welcome Address by the Host Country’s Leader (Head of Anti-Corruption Agency) 
  • Keynote Address by the United Nations Secretary-General Ref 
  • Introduction of Summit Objectives and Agenda (Chair of the Conference: Stephen Tosh)
  • Panel Discussion featuring international leaders, experts, and civil society representatives.
  • Q&A Session

(1200 – 1300)

Networking opportunities for attendees, informal discussions, and interactions.

  • Speakers from government agencies, legal experts, and international organisations.
  • Interactive workshops on legislative best practices and enforcement mechanisms.
  • Tech industry leaders, cybersecurity experts, and data privacy specialists (Chaired by Summit Co-chair Salisu Uba)
  • Discussions on the role of technology in preventing and detecting corruption role of Blockchain and AI.
  • Representatives from leading private sector organizations.
  • Case studies and collaborative initiatives in the fight against corruption.

(1700 – 1900)

A high-profile cocktail reception for attendees, government officials, and industry leaders. Opportunity for informal networking and relationship-building.

An international collaborative project that is being driven by three partnering organisations with a purpose to drive international anti-corruption education efforts. The Partners include the following:


  • Government officials, procurement experts, and anti-corruption advocates.
  • Discussions on fair, transparent, and accountable procurement processes.
  • Finance ministers representatives, forensic accountants, and representatives from international financial institutions.
  • Strategies for tracing and recovering stolen assets.

(1200 – 1300)

Networking opportunities, discussions, and interactions

  • Prominent journalists, media professionals, and civil society leaders.
  • Discussions on investigative reporting and civic engagement.
  • CEOs and leaders of major multinational corporations.
  • Showcasing best practices in corporate governance and ethics.
  • Young activists and advocates from across the globe.
  • Presentations on youth-driven initiatives and innovative solutions.
  • Summarization of key insights and outcomes from the summit.
  • Closing remarks by the Chair of the Conference supported by the Co-chair.
  • Adoption of the Summit Declaration and Action Plan.