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ARRAN partners with institutions, foundations, major donors and the private sector to bring expertise, influence and funding to our projects. These partnerships support our partner-led approach in enhancing and supporting a national response to corruption, to work collaboratively with local partners and organisations. We understand that each partnership is unique and will work with you to ensure your support has a real impact.

Our Partnership Purpose

Engaging with local, national and international partners is outcome focused. Our goal is to provide professionals and organisations with the education, mentoring and tools to better identify and prevent corruption.  The purpose of this approach in teaching operational staff, managers and leaders is to inspire individuals:

  • To protect organisational and national revenues 
  • Protect international investment and development funds
  • Help build an understanding of national risk and how to respond to it
  • Recognise where there is a greater need for expertise and capacity building
  • Better understand their levels of risk through organisation risk assessment
  • Measure the performance of their approach to risk identification and mitigation

Contact our partnerships team to find out more and explore opportunities together – we'd love to hear from you