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Has your organisation suffered financial loss or reputational damage because of bribery and corruption,  are you unsure of how to stop it happening again, how to identify or mitigate current risks or how to build a capability to respond identified threats. Reduce the learning curve for new employees, close the talent gap or use as a tool for refresher training and retain skilled workers through online, sustainable and budget friendly learning.

Education, continual learning and mentoring can positively impact an organisation in many ways, not only in building knowledge and expertise, but also recognising gaps in an organisations performance that includes building and retaining expertise. Understanding risks such as global fraud, insider threat and transnational crime typologies, developing risk mitigation strategy including leadership and educating an organisation on risks that it may be targeted by, gives it a greater opportunity to protect its revenues and reputation

Organisations that have training and awareness at the heart of their ethos not only have a greater opportunity to develop internal capabilities and retain expertise but also have an increased ability to develop an understanding of the risks that the organisation faces and an enhanced aptitude to respond to these risks. Having access to high quality training and awareness through online or direct learning is an essential part of making learning accessible and in the format that is of greatest benefit and value to each organisation.

Our training courses combine an in-depth knowledge based on professional global experience, research and expertise, with pragmatic understanding of the need for there to be practical application of those courses to real world issues and dilemmas.  Our courses are relevant to various staff, management and leadership roles and supports expertise within organisation functions that include compliance, audit, risk, investigation, procurement and supply chain that can include being part of an organisation anti-fraud approach and culture.

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Organisation blended learning

Introduce eLearning and virtual training into your organisation as a starting point to assess your staff or teams understanding of risk and gaps in their learning. This approach will build staff’s ability to identify, report and mitigate risk that leads to the protection of revenues.

Our webinar suite on corruption and procurement fraud subjects assists individual learning and organisation flexibility of training methods for varying roles and levels of expertise within your organisation.

As a next step, introduce assignments for individuals to compare this new learning against current organisation practices or case studies to assess best practices and areas of organisation risk. This learning can be introduced into the instructor led training to facilitate further discussion within the group.

Our courses are produced by global experts in their field and from our international professional experience. In addition to the training content and materials, discussion and assessment of case studies and current and historical corruption cases are used to assess individuals learning and risk identification and mitigation approach that should be taken.

As part of a mentoring programme, ongoing training on risk assessment, prevention and detection techniques can be coordinated within membership groups and used as a continual assessment of organisation risk and mitigation response.

From the different stages and interactions in the learning process information is collected of key risks that are included in a final report of learning outcomes and recommendations.

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Procurement Fraud & Corruption Risk

Bribery & Corruption Risk Assessment

Procurement Fraud Risk & Controls

Organised Crime Infiltration of Public Procurement


A wonderful experience. Taking the course has helped to refresh my knowledge of procurement fraud risk. Overall, it was a great course and the presentation was excellent.
Isaac Otabor
Comprehensive and practical identification and mitigation of corrupt and fraudulent practices in public and private sector procurement. It's a must take course for all procurement practitioners as well as top executives within organisations.
Adu gyamfi Abunyewa
Yes, was very informative especially at the moment that I am leading a team to review organisation procurement integrity controls.
David Mchembere

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