We all have a
part to play

In developing our national anti-corruption education approach we continue to connect with international partners that can support our projects and education programmes.

Partner With Us

The Anti-Corruption Education Network partners with the private sector, institutions, trusts and major donors to maximise the opportunity to achieve our education goals. The expertise, influence and funding these partnerships offer, support our partner-designed approach, to work collaboratively with local and international businesses. We understand that each partnership is unique and will work with you to ensure your support has a real impact.

National Investment

Business Approach

Creativity, continual assessment and change management has to be an approach taken with national learning and development when making an impact in anti-corruption preventive projects. Recognising that no two countries have the same approach to risk mitigation and as such any training programme must take this into consideration. Maximising the opportunity and impact of training staff across an organisation using different training methods of online learning and face to face instructor led training can be used as an approach to better identify and mitigate risk. Partnering with other institutions and projects is an important part of maximising positive impact.

Why Partner With Us

We continue to developing our global anti-corruption training programmes to benefit both the public and private sectors. We partner with national Universities, Institutes and Academies to provide our training programmes that ensures we meet national education requirements.

If you are a University, Institute of Academy and are interested in partnering with us to provide your certified training programme that incorporates our training and materials, then don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss it further.

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