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Our team are eager to receive the views of donors and how their gifts can impact national development through education and associated projects. We know how personal giving a major gift is. You’ll have one dedicated contact who can guide you through the process of giving to ARRAN and talk you through our inspiring projects that align with your interests and areas you are passionate about supporting.

How Can You Work With Us

To increase anti-corruption awareness and training professionals on how to identify and mitigate corruption risk within their organisation, maximising the opportunity to receive face to face, virtual and online training is an essential combination of training programmes to meet a national need that enhances public sector awareness, expertise and culture.

Education Outcomes

Our education programmes are being introduced with the goal of changing national culture and ownership towards the protection of national revenues. Giving people the awareness of what corruption and their activities look like and how they can be identified is a starting point in enabling everyone the opportunity to better identify and design out corruption and the associated financial crime. 

A priority in providing anti-corruption and associated training is to protect national revenues and ensure that monies and spent on projects that support national development and protection of the poorest.

Ensuring that all staff working on international investment funded projects will enhance a countries ability to protect funds and the successful completion of projects but also build a positive reputation with international partners.

Introducing education and how to build organisation and national anti-corruption culture is an opportunity to create a groundswell of support to positive change and individual motivation to make an impact.

Incorporating education within partner projects including the public and private sectors creates an opportunity the generate information and reporting on corruption risk and a coordinated approach to mitigate future risks.

The coordination of education programmes and partnership activities enhances the generation of risk information and the mapping of the national risk picture. There are many opportunities in generating information from this approach including national response, funds saved and spent and published new areas of risk and greater communication between national and international stakeholders.

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