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Insider's Prevention Guide

Learn the steps of how to identify and prevent future procurement fraud and corruption.

Are you a dedicated and passionate ethics leader or professional working in the field of compliance, have you been the target of procurement fraud or suffered reputational damage. Does your team or organisation recognise the many typologies of procurement fraud and corruption, where you can be targeted and individuals that can influence or manipulate procedures or control measures.

Now here's your chance to...

Build Your Approach to Procurement Fraud and Corruption


Why Start From the Begining

We have developed our training from over 20 years of working in the anti-corruption field and over the past 10 years have continuously developed our training, so you don't have to do all the research.


Prevent Future Procurement Fraud and Corruption Guide

To help ethics and business leaders, I would invite you to check out our courses and materials so you can recognise the typologies of procurement fraud and corruption, and identify where organisations are targeted without bringing in external experts or consultants.


Preventing Corruption Secrets

Our eBooks and risk assessment templates make it easy for you to update and refresh your knowledge, assess your organisation risk and help you identify gaps in your control measures increasing your target of identifying fraud risk and prevent future revenue loss.

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That's Not All! Every Tool, Template and Playbook You'll Need is Already Included

Bonus 1: Procurement Fraud E-Books

These eBooks make it easy to update and refresh your knowledge, assess your organisation risk that will help you identify gaps in your control measures and increase your target of preventing revenue loss.

Bonus 2: Risk Assessment & Risk Matrix

These risk templates will make it easy to identify risk and gaps in your compliance approach that will help you respond to view risks 'at a glance' and use these templates as a briefing tool.

Bonus 3: Coaching Call

Have us review your current approach to counter procurement fraud and corruption against our 4 Pillar framework to identify and prevent corruption and procurement fraud risk.


What Makes Us Different From Others?


We introduce standards that includes being the lead on the British Standard working group on procurement fraud controls.


Our case studies are created from investigations that we have worked on to give maximum impact to your learning.


With over 20 years of experience in various fields with a focus on procurement fraud providing effective solutions for clients.


Our guidance is given from our 4 Pillar approach with a focus on end results and effective solutions.


We create solutions based on the foundation of standards, quality advice and knowledge sharing.


Our global communication is linked through the Anti-Corruption Education Network as a professional knowledge sharing platform.

100% Risk Free

WE offer a 14 day Money Back Guarantee!

Our experience and expertise has been built up over 20 years and we pride ourselves on the exceptional guidance, advisory and education we provide to our global clients.

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