The 4 Pillar Approach to Preventing Procurement Fraud & Corruption

The Ethics Leaders Approach to Identify and Prevent Corruption

If you’ve been the victim of procurement fraud, bribery or corruption, or you think you could be targeted again and don’t know how to prevent it, do you believe your anti-corruption measures aren’t strong enough but are unclear on additional measures that should be introduced or are you being told that organisation fraud risk is approximately 5% of revenue any yet you have identified less that 01.% Then understanding the typologies of corruption and it’s links to fraud and other financial crime and creating your approach to identify and prevent future corruption risk is essential.

Steve Tosh

Founder, Anti-Corruption Education Network

The mistakes in Responding to Corruption, Why it Can be Overwhelming

In addition to the many methods in which corruption, fraud and financial crime can be committed against an organisation, recognising where you can be targeted within an organisations procurement, payment systems and projects can be overwhelming. Who within your organisation can influence and manipulate your procurement or anti-corruption systems, so designing your approach is essential.

Leader that don't recognise how education and awareness at the core of their approach won't be able to identify the cost and impact to their organisation. Are the wrong data sources being used to identify procurement fraud and corruption risk, do leaders believe that introducing audit services is enough to mitigate risk or do they follow what other organisations are doing without understanding the true level of risk and where you are being targeted.

So Make It Simple

Use Our 4 Pillars to Build Your Anti-Corruption Framework


Reduce your risk and get results faster

Our solution has been developed around an organisation and national anti-corruption and counter procurement fraud framework that takes a step by step approach in identifying corruption and mitigating future risk. Follow these steps and let the data drive your anti-corruption measures.


Driver of ethics and leadership

Training and mentoring in this approach with anti-corruption leaders and implementers can be used to support and build anti-corruption relaltionships, engagement, community and culture building.


Anti-Corruption best practice

Introduction of anti-corruption framework training and mentoring as a national response to corruption risk can have many positive outcomes including the central coordination and measurement of organisation performance, sharing best practice and building an anti-corruption community and culture that creates an increased opportunity to collect and share information on corruption risks and trends.

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data! -
Sherlock Holmes


Having worked in the procurement fraud and anti-corruption environment for 25 years in a number of roles that included as Head of an anti-corruption unit, Head of a money laundering team and as Head of an intelligence capability, one of the areas of learning particularly working alongside a prevention team is that the greatest value for any organisation in reducing financial loss is a prevention approach.


Recognising the value of education and engagement with staff and internal stakeholders that there is a greater opportunity to identify and prevent risk. Not only is there reduced cost to this approach but also it has greater impact in preventing future corruption and fraud through engagement and information sharing. 

One of the challenges working in both the public sector and private sector is that professionals working within procurement and associated roles such as finance, quality assurance, asset management, compliance, risk and project management is that they don’t recognise the typologies of procurement fraud and corruption and how it impacts their business operations.

Having provided training in various sectors and countries globally on how to identify procurement fraud and corruption and what data sources to use in identifying these risks is an important part of building an organisations response to risk.

How to identify the extent of corruption risk

It is only through this increased knowledge that organisations fully understand the various risks and areas where they can be targeted through fraud and corruption.

Leaders and professionals that recognise the value in this training and assessing these new areas of risk have been able to introduce or enhance internal capabilities to prevent significant financial loss or where they have been the target of bribery or procurement fraud have introduced data management, compliance capabilities or field compliance teams to assess fraud and corruption risk.

Your Insider's Approach to Identify and Prevent Future Corruption

Here's what we will learn in our training


Risk Identification

Do you recognise where your organisation can be targeted within the procurement and project lifecycle, what stages in the process from identification of need to the end of life of an asset.


Risk Assessment

Are you able to identify what data sources can be used to identify risk, who can influence or manipulate the procurement or project lifecycle, the roles and how bribery and corruption can develop.



Are you aware of how corruption can impact your organisation and its links to procurement fraud and other financial crime. Do you understand the various methods of ​fraud within each typology and the stages within the procurement lifecycle that can be targeted.



You will be able to create your change management approach to identified procurement fraud and corruption risk. Introduce a performance measurement of your new approach, increase in reporting, culture, controls, expertise and capabilities.

What Makes Us Different From Others?


We introduce standards that includes being the lead on the British Standard working group for Procurement Fraud Controls.


Our case studies are created from cases that we have worked on to give maximum impact to your learning.


With over 20 years of experience in various fields with a focus on anti-corruption providing effective solutions for clients.


Our guidance is given from our 16 step approach and is free from bias with a focus on end results and effective solutions.


We create solutions based from the foundation of standards, quality advice and knowledge sharing.


Our global community is linked through the Anti-Corruption Education Network as a professional knowledge sharing platform.

We Just Don't Teach You About Risk, But Show You The Path

That's Not All! Every Tool, Template and Playbook You'll Need is Already Included

Bonus 1: Free Templates and Tools, normally £500

To assist you in your new approach to anti-corruption identification and prevention we provide you with our templates that will assist you build your framework and measure your performance.

Bonus 2: Free copy of eBooks, normally £100

A copy of all the eBooks that cover the 16 step approach to identify and prevent corruption so that you can continually refer to these guides as you implement your anti-corruption approach.

Bonus 3: Free 60 minute coaching call, normally £500

Discuss your current challenges and goals during our coaching call and have us assess your current approach to anti-corruption and assess your framework against our 16 step approach.

12 Months Free Access to the Anti-Corruption Education Network

In addition to the many bonuses already contained within this training programme you will also benefit from the anti-corruption community with the ARRAN membership.

What Should You Expect?

Continually build your knowledge with access to our anti-corruption experts, materials and community.

A total value of over £4,800

Be the Change you Want to see in the World

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