Preventing Corruption Just Became Much Easier

The Expert's Guide to Identify and Prevent Corruption

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In addition to the exceptional services and materials provided during and after these calls, our Coaching Calls are a simple and valuable assessment of your current anti-corruption framework against our 16 step approach to identify and prevent corruption.

Steve Tosh

Company director , global risk alliance

Here's The Thing: Responding to Corruption Can Be Overwhelming

The impact from corruption can have significant consequences from substantial financial loss, reputational damage, internal and external reviews and a knee jerk response from leadership in attempting to introduce new process or procedures when they don't understand what the root cause of corruption was in the first place and what is the path to identify and prevent it in the future.


Reduce your risk and get results faster

During our call we discuss your key challenges, the core result you want to achieve in your current approach and we will assess your current anti-corruption approach against our 16 step framework. We will also advise you on the steps to take so that you can achieve your results with less effort and get your results faster.


Preventing corruption insider guide

In addition to the expert advice you will receive on your current anti-corruption framework and approach you will receive a copy of the recorded call, our assessment templates that will support you in your approach and we will also send you a transcribed copy of our meeting.


Building your anti-corruption framework

In addition to the 60 minute zoom call we will follow up after 30 days with a 30 minute zoom call to check in on your progress and review the changes that have been made and the positive impact that it has had.

What Makes Us Different From Others?


We introduce standards that includes being the lead on the British Standard working group for Procurement Fraud Controls.


We have a select number of clients that ensures that we can provide exceptional service to each organisation.


With over 20 years of experience in various fields with a focus on anti-corruption providing effective solutions for clients.


Our guidance is given from our 16 step approach and is free from bias with a focus on end results and effective solutions.


We create solutions based from the foundation of standards, quality advice and knowledge sharing.


Our global community is linked through the Anti-Corruption Education Network as a professional knowledge sharing platform.

Your Insider's Guide to Prevent Future Corruption Risk

Here's what we will cover on our call


Risk Planning

What are your current challenges and goals including the measurement of your current anti-corruption framework, your approach to these risks and system to identify gaps in your this approach.


Risk Assessment

Are you able to identify and collect your own data sources for corruption risk assessment, do you recognise corruption typologies and in preparing your assessment have you designed your risk model.


Reactive and Proactive Approach

We will discuss your current policies and procedures, expertise and capability and systems and controls including the proactive detection techniques used to identify and prevent corruption.


Change Management

How does your organisation response to corruption risk, do you have a decision making and change management structure in place and ability to monitor and measure the performance of your framework and approach.

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Yours for £100, Limited Time Offer


That's Not All! Every Tool, Template and Checklists You'll Need is Already Included

Bonus 1: Downloadable Video of Meeting

We will securely archive the video of our meeting so that you can gain access 24/7 to review our discussion and any guidance given and anti-corruption framework recommendations.

Bonus 2: Free Templates and Tools, normally £500

To assist you in your new approach to anti-corruption identification and prevention we will provide you with our templates that will assist you build your framework and measure your performance.

Bonus 3: Free Video Transcript, normally £150

We will also have a word for word transcript of our entire meeting to assist you with your new approach.

Guarantee: 30-Day Refund

Our expertise and experience has been built up over 20 years and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional guidance, advisory and education to our global clients.

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