Preventing Corruption Membership What Every Ethics Leader Needs To Know

Investigation alone won't stop corruption

As an anti-corruption leader or a driver of ethics has your organisation been impacted by corruption and you aren’t sure of the extent of your bribery and corruption risk. Are you able to measure your anti-corruption performance or identify gaps in your approach. Do you have access to training or guidance to build your expertise, capability or strategy to design out corruption risk.

How To Be Recognised For Anti-Corruption Change Management


The Experts Guide to Preventing Future Corruption Risk

Access to our global anti-corruption experts and community will give you the opportunity and ongoing guidance to build your approach to anti-corruption and join our anti-corruption groups to assess various areas of corruption risk and build your own community.


Leaders Approach to Identify and Prevent Corruption Risk

In addition to the library of online training, webinars, podcasts and materials to build your expertise and capability members received up to 30% off of future virtual and instructor led training courses and events.


Secret to Building Your Anti-Corruption Framework

We will show you through our training, expertise and free webinars and materials how to design your anti-corruption framework and build your strategic approach to identify and prevent corruption and procurement fraud risk.

our story

Having worked in the investigation, anti-corruption and counter procurement fraud environment for over 20 years and providing and developing training in these areas for the past 9 years I have seen many leaders struggle with the challenges of identifying and preventing corruption risk within their organisation.

One part of the challenge can be the lack of knowledge of corruption risk, where it can impact your organisation, who can be involved and the data sources that are available to detect these risks. Even a head of risk and director of finance in a national oil and gas organisation were unclear of how to introduce a framework to prevent bribery and corruption happening in the future. 

Over the past 9 years we have consistently developed our training around the various typologies of corruption and associated risks. However, we were always limited to sharing our knowledge and making an impact one client at a time.

For a number of years we have looked at how we could maximise our knowledge sharing impact, share our expertise particularly at a national level. The ARRAN membership formed from this thinking so that we can maximise the impact for individuals and organisations.

It takes many years to develop expertise in the field of anti-corruption that might include knowledge of investigation, risk assessment, prevention and detection approach or how to build a strategic framework. Gaining access to global expertise with over 100 years of practical experience between them will ensure that your knowledge can be expedited to positively impact your organisation and the challenges you face.

The ARRAN membership was set up to assist professionals and leaders working in the anti-corruption environment get the knowledge and answers they need to build their approach to risk.

Preventing Corruption Guide Every Ethics Leader Needs To Know

If you’ve been the victim of bribery and corruption, or you think you could be targeted again and don’t know how to prevent it, do you believe your anti-corruption measures aren’t strong enough but are unclear on additional measures that should be introduced, then understanding the typologies of corruption and it’s links to fraud and other financial crime and creating your approach to identify and prevent future corruption risk is essential.

What Should You Expect?

Continually build your knowledge within our anti-corruption experts, materials and community.

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What Makes Us Different From Others?


We introduce standards that includes being the lead on the British Standard working group for Procurement Fraud Controls.


Our case studies are created from cases that we have worked on to give maximum impact to your learning.


With over 20 years of experience in various fields with a focus on anti-corruption providing effective solutions for clients


Our guidance is given from our 16 step approach and is free from bias with a focus on end results and effective solutions.


We create solutions based from the foundation of standards, quality advice and knowledge sharing.


Our global community is linked through the Anti-Corruption Education Network as a professional knowledge sharing platform.

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Our expertise and experience has been built up over 20 years and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional guidance, advisory and education to our global clients

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