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Ethics & Business Leader Framework to Identify and Prevent Future Corruption Risk

If you’ve been the victim of bribery and corruption, or you think you could be targeted again and don’t know how to prevent it, do you believe your anti-corruption measures aren’t strong enough but are unclear on additional measures that should be introduced, then understanding the typologies of corruption and it’s links to procurement fraud and other financial crime and creating your approach to identify and prevent future corruption risk is essential.

Steve Tosh

Company Director , Global Risk Alliance Ltd

Does Your Organisation Get The Maximum Impact From It's Training Programmes

Has your organisation been hit by bribery, corruption or linked to procurement fraud, as an ethics professional or leader have you been asked to design a new approach to identify or prevent corruption risk, are you able to measure anti-corruption performance or are you unsure whether current anti-corruption activities will prevent your organisation from being hit by bribery or corruption in the future?

Do You Aspire to Become an Anti-Corruption Influencer or Movement Creator?


Reduce your risk and get results faster

Our 4 Pillar approach has been developed around an organisation and national anti-corruption framework that takes a step by step approach in identifying corruption risk and protecting your organisation from future risk. Follow these steps and let the data drive your anti-corruption success.


Driver of ethics and leadership

Our unique training approach ensures that students from your organisation maximise their learning through our multilevel approach to our knowledge sharing and understanding of your risk. They will return with a compiled report of identified risk and our recommendations for detection and risk mitigation.


Anti-Corruption Best Practice

Introduction of anti-corruption framework training and mentoring as a national response to corruption risk can have significant outcomes including the central coordination and measurement of organisation performance, sharing best practice and building an anti-corruption community and culture that creates an increased opportunity to collect and share information on corruption risks and trends.

It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data! -
Sherlock Holmes


Our training in bribery, corruption and its links to procurement fraud and other financial crime has transformed over the past 9 years from sharing knowledge on the many risks and typologies and how to identify and prevent future corruption to our new approach that has greater impact for our clients.

One of the comments that we have heard on a number of occasions about training courses, in general, has been ‘what’s in it for our organisation, we send people on courses but we don’t see the benefit or positive impact.’

So, What Can We Do To Change This?

Our training courses have already made significant impact for many clients that included highlighting gaps in their expertise and capabilities allowing for the introduction of whistleblower hotline and compliance capability, building a data management team to assess their bribery and FCPA risk and creating a field compliance team to confirm work as complete and to the correct standard before invoice payment and assessing goods and equipment where reports were received of equipment failure. 

Always looking to over deliver to our clients we didn’t just want to give them an outline of the typologies of corruption and procurement fraud and the various ways in which an organisation can mitigate risk we wanted to show them the path and framework to identify and prevent corruption and procurement fraud.

This is why our new approach to risk has taken shape not only with the introduction of our 16 step approach to identify and prevent corruption but after listening to our clients we have introduced a new method of learning to maximise the benefits for our clients to identify and prevent risk.

Your Insider Approach to Identify and Prevent Corruption and Procurement Fraud Risk

We don't just highlight the risks we show you the path to mitigation


Risk Planning

In the planning stage it will assist you review your current challenges and goals including the measurement of your current anti-corruption framework, your approach to these risks and systems to identify gaps in your approach.


Risk Assessment

Identify anti-corruption data sources that will assist you identify and collect your own information for corruption assessment. Covering the typologies of corruption and associated fraud and financial crime risks to enhance the preparation of a risk assessment and the design of a risk model.


Reactive and Proactive Approach

We will discuss the current policies and procedures, expertise and capabilities and systems and control measures including proactive detection techniques used as part of a strategic approach to identify and prevent corruption​.


Change Management

Learn about a structured approach to risk and compare it against your current response to corruption risk, that includes the decision making and change management process needed for an effective response including an ability to monitor and measure anti-corruption performance.

Course Steps, Outcomes and Value

Our unique approach to learning and ensuring organisations receive maximum impact from our training programmes

What Should Your Organisation Expect?

Continually build your knowledge with access to our anti-corruption experts, materials and community.

Total Value of Over £63,500

What Makes Us Different From Others?


We introduce standards that includes being the lead on the British Standard working group for Procurement Fraud Controls.


Our case studies are created from cases that we have worked on to give maximum impact to your learning.


With over 20 years of experience in various fields with a focus on anti-corruption providing effective solutions for clients.


Our guidance is given from our 16 step approach and is free from bias with a focus on end results and effective solutions.


We create solutions based from the foundation of standards, quality advice and knowledge sharing.


Our global community is linked through the Anti-Corruption Education Network as a professional knowledge sharing platform.

12 Months Free Access to the Anti-Corruption Education Network

In addition to the many bonuses already contained within this training programme you will also benefit from the anti-corruption community with the ARRAN membership.

What Should You Expect?

Continually build your knowledge with access to our anti-corruption experts, materials and community.

Total Value of Over £15,000 per Person

Up to £300,000 value for each organisation training programme

Learn How to Introduce An Anti-Bribery Management System Into Your Organisation

Ion Iordache

Security Consultant, Certified Data Protection Officer (GDPR), Certified Lead Auditor for Quality Management System (ISO 9001) & Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001) and Certified Lead Implementer for Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001), Supply Chain Security Management Systems (ISO 28000) & Anti-Bribery Management Systems (ISO 37001).

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Our expertise and experience has been built up over 20 years and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional guidance, advisory and education to our global clients

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