Organised Crime Infiltration of Public Procurement






Course objectives

This course gives students an insight into organised crime groups including a comparison to white collar crime and how on occasions are used to support criminal activity by both groups. It outlines how organised crime groups can diversity into legal business and how their supply chains are created and used, how corruption and other methods are used to infiltrate public procurement and risk mitigation that can be used to identify and prevent organised crime risk.

What will students learn

  • Examining the nature of organised crime groups and the context within which it sits
  • How corruption is used by organised crime
  • Examine sectors in which organised crime operates
  • Infiltration of a supply chain and its impact
  • Introduction to controls and detection techniques

Who this course is for

Professional that are directly or indirectly involved with procurement, projects or their governance. The fields of accountancy and audit, supply chain, finance, quality assurance, risk and governance, investigation and assurance.


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