Procurement fraud risk and controls


Course description

Learn how to identify the typologies of procurement fraud that may impact your organisation and how to develop a framework and strategy to design out procurement fraud risk. This course will provide those involved at any stage of the process for procuring goods and/or services within their organisations with the knowledge and skillset to identify and mitigate the threat posed by the breadth and multi-layered complexity of procurement fraud.

Key concepts covered

  • Examine the nature and scope of procurement fraud
  • Areas of procurement and project process where fraud can occur
  • Roles that can influence and manipulate the procurement process
  • How to design out procurement fraud through the construction of a counter procurement fraud framework
  • Learn how to create a counter procurement fraud strategy

Who is the course for

This course is aimed at a wide range of people since financial crime impacts upon every sector and at every level since it continues to manifest itself globally. Thus, it would be of value to those working in:

  • Public and private sector
  • Supply chain risk management professionals
  • Risk and compliance professionals
  • Those organisations that are expanding into emerging markets, joint ventures and mergers.
  • Accountants and auditors
  • Project organisations
  • Procurement fraud investigators
  • Organisations subject to external sanctions and wish to show a holistic lessons learnt approach



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