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Steve Tosh
Founder, Anti-Corruption Education Network

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Having worked in the anti-corruption environment in a number of roles that includes head of an anti-corruption unit, head of a money laundering team and head on a national intelligence capability one of the key areas of learning particularly working alongside a prevention team is that the greatest value for any organisation is a prevention approach.

I understood that through education and engagement with staff and internal and external stakeholders that there is a greater opportunity to identify and prevent risk. Not only is there reduced cost to this process because of the excessive cost of investigation but also it has greater impact because of the ability to prevent future corruption and fraud through engagement and information sharing.

Unfortunately, my peers didn't see it this way and placed little importance on prevention and too much on their own business interests.

It was this reason that made me step out into the big bad world and set up my own company to spread the word about this approach and building anti-fraud and corruption frameworks to prevent future risk. It was a frightening step for me and my family going from a regular income to starting from nothing with a new company.

But after some time this step paid off, heading the British Standard Working Group on Procurement Fraud Controls and the year long research in this area not only developed my knowledge on prevention risk but reaffirmed my belief that a prevention approach and building frameworks around anti-corruption and counter procurement fraud is the best approach for all organisations that face these risks.

What makes this even better?

Once you understand the importance of frameworks when looking at corruption risk, everything becomes simpler when you're assessing what the response should be.

Although every client has had different needs and challenges whether it is an ongoing bribery risk or suspicions, concerns over control weakness or a lack of expertise in this field the method of approach is consistent when looking at each risk, the root cause and approach that needs to be introduced to identify and prevent future risk.

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