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Steve Tosh
Founder, Anti-Corruption Education Network

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Having built my knowledge in the anti-corruption environment over the past 25 years in several roles that included head of an anti-corruption unit, head of a money laundering team and head on a national intelligence capability one of the key areas of learning particularly working alongside a prevention team is that the greatest value in protecting revenues for any organisation is a prevention approach.

One of the key questions from clients is that having been the victim of corruption and procurement fraud we're unsure of how to identify future risk and how to protect ourselves from these events happening in the future.

I have always guided clients to first assess their knowledge of risk and how fraud and corruption can be committed. In most cases passionate leaders and risk professionals don’t recognise the areas that should be considered in identifying and preventing corruption, what information should be collected and how it can be used or analysed to identify or prevent corruption?

Once you identify the many sources of information within your organisation that can help you identify your corruption risk then it puts you on a path to design out this risk.

Sharing knowledge on the typologies of corruption, its links to procurement fraud and measures to mitigate these risk is the first barrier to be cross, organisations in many cases didn't have a risk assessment approach or a framework to identify or prevent corruption.

This was the epiphany moment that changed my approach to risk and to design frameworks that can be used consistently by organisations to review and measure their prevention approach to risk.

What makes this even better?

Once you understand the importance of a framework approach when looking at corruption and procurement fraud risk, everything becomes simpler when you're assessing what the response should be.

Although every client has had different needs and challenges whether it is an ongoing bribery risk or suspicions, concerns over control weakness or a lack of expertise in this field, the approach should be consistent when looking at each risk, the root cause and approach that needs to be introduced to identify and prevent future risk.

So what's next?

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