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Steve Tosh

Ethics Leaders Need to Know

As an anti-corruption leader or a driver of organisation ethics has your organisation been impacted by corruption and you don't know the extent of your bribery and corruption risk.

Are you able to measure your anti-corruption performance or identify gaps in your anti-corruption approach. Do you have access to training or guidance to build your expertise, capability or strategy to design out corruption risk.

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There's no catch, we want to help you build your expertise in the anti-corruption field and grow your network and community of experts and support. By joining our membership you will get access to individuals with practical experience in the diverse field of anti-corruption, from ISO37001 implementation, to procurement corruption, links to money laundering and transnational crime and Board guidance to introduce your anti-corruption approach.
Preventing Corruption Secrets..
From our experience gained over the last 30 years and working in various roles and learning environments, what works and what doesn't within anti-corruption. Gaining experience within investigation, compliance, risk assessment, organisation and national review and monitoring ensures that we can take a pragmatic and structured approach to risk, engaging our network and partners to bring creative solutions to key challenges.

Investigation and prosecution of corruption isn't enough to prevent it happening again. What ISO 37001 Anti-Bribery Management Systems and BS10501: Guide to Implementing Procurement Fraud Controls has taught us is that Frameworks have to be introduced in various aspects of our day to day business to reduce and prevent the opportunity of corruption.

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The Preventing Corruption Community

Your 6 free trial will give you access to online training that includes 'Anti-Corruption Risk Assessment', 'Organised Crime Infiltration of Public Procurement', 'Procurement Fraud and Corruption Risk' and 'Procurement Corruption Risk Mitigation', 'Counterfeit Product Risk'.

We are also building our library of webinars where you can listen to experts practical advice, case studies and some of the challenges they have faced.

The Expert Community for Leaders, Practitioners and beginners

Not only do you get access to our expert and the growing community but you can also access a number of anti-corruption groups that have been created to discuss and answer your questions on current areas of risk.

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We believe that our membership network will work for you and will change the way you approach corruption risk. Professionals serious about anti-corruption and making a difference in this global fight should take the next step and sign up for your free trial today.

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