Build Anti-Corruption Culture
Areas and framework that assist organisations introduce and build anti-corruption culture.
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Understanding, detection and preventing the impact from bribery and corruption starts with education
Kathrin Doe
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Building a framework within your organisation for internal and external communication is a key part in building anti-corruption culture. Learn our approach that builds frameworks and strategy to detect and prevent corruption.
Topics Included:
Who is this course for..
This course is for individuals that are involved in building an organisations anti-corruption culture in all sectors including management and executives, compliance, anti-corruption and risk professionals.
About The Host
Steve has extensive professional expertise in counter-procurement fraud and corruption and the design of national risk frameworks to combat the impact of revenue loss. Steve is recognised for his national risk assessment approach and organisation procurement fraud and corruption risk mitigation in international projects. He was the technical working group lead for the design and creation of British Standard BS10501: Guide to implementing Procurement Fraud Controls..
Steve Tosh
Anti-Corruption Specialist
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