An incognito reporting service demonstrates an organisations integrity, promoting its ethical culture and intentions to protect staff and third parties from retaliation.

Incognito Solution as a Services

Incognito Services

The HaYa App is an incognito solution that can be used in many environments, particularly where risk is being considered. Whether it is protecting the identify of a whistleblower or receiving sensitive information from individuals or business on corruption or fraud risk that would otherwise not have been disclosed.

The potential for organisations to receive additional information and gain a greater picture of risk whether it is fraud, health and safety or misconduct can be a valuable tool to use where it is serious about resolving organisation or national challenges.

The HaYa platform is designed to give individuals the confidence and peace of mind to make that first contact.

HaYa does this by:

  • Simplifying the process by using QR codes and an app
  • Requiring no registration or profile giving the whistleblower anonymity
  • Being chat based allowing for extended conversations
  • Giving the organisation a greater chance to resolve the issue

Try it now by scanning the QR code with your smartphone camera and contacting us anonymously.

Service Benefit

Taking steps to report identified or suspected crime risk can be one of the most stressful things that an individual does in their lifetime and there are many global cases where retaliation is taken against an individual for a disclosure that they make in good faith.

Introducing an incognito service as part of a risk mitigation approach not only supports a national and organisations ethical culture but promotes and assists a risk identification and mitigation environment and send a clear leadership message of expected standards and organisation ethos.

The incognito solution can be used to achieve many outcomes particularly where data collection is necessary to help identify the level of organisation or national risk.

When used as part of a national approach to risk, that might include as an element of a risk reporting and mitigation approach, with other information and activities, data received and published can be used to give comfort to international investors and business, that revenues and business reputation is being protected

Service Outcomes



There are many quantifiable benefits of introducing the incognito reporting solution that includes building trust between business, government and the public through the publication of the performance of reporting and mitigation activities.

Used with other national or project data sources, this information can help build a national risk picture and design of a strategic mitigation response, and as a briefing tool for international investors and business.